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Hiding or concealing big thighs in pants or dresses seems like a piece of cake compared to the swimsuit selection. What is the best manner of approaching this problem? It can be quite hard finding the most flattering swimsuits for big thighs. It’s actually pretty challenging not having them on display. Thankfully, there are models which do conceal this area, without being too conservative. Besides these swimsuits for big thighs, some tricks can be really helpful, such as the ultimate ‘wear the heels’ one. Heels or wedges will make your legs appear longer, consequently ‘shredding’ the wideness of your thighs.

Since making legs appear visually longer is the key, most of the tricks revolve around the same principle. You can select swimsuit bottoms which have a higher cut. This will make your torso smaller, which will result in visually longer legs. Longer legs equal slimmer thighs, as we’ve already learned.

If you’re not into the whole ‘visually longer legs’ trick, there’s always a way to cover the thighs completely. Starting from less coverage, boxer bottoms or swimdresses can take care of the problematic area. For more coverage, you can go all the way. Sexy cover ups can be a nice addition to your beachy outfit, while hiding the thighs.

To sum up, you can either turn to optical illusion, or coverage. Either road you decide to take can result in successfully concealed thighs. It is important not to emphasize this section, so that the focus can be on other parts.

How to select the best swimsuits for big thighs?

The easiest way to hide least favorite body parts is to cover them. Nowadays, there are so many beautiful monokinis, swimdresses, and similar swimsuits for big thighs. With these swimwear pieces you can hide cellulite and stretch marks on your thighs. The great thing about swimwear fashion is that it is now aware of the versatility in women’s bodies. It no longer produces and launches only itsy bitsy bikinis in size zero. Of course, you could always find a one-piece, but it usually lacked in sexiness and creativity.

Luckily for girls who wear plus sizes, the range of this kind of swimwear is expanding by the minute. Now, you can find your favorite designs and styles in your size. There are so many swimwear pieces for big thighs which can help you make them appear slimmer. As a matter of fact, you can even cover them completely, while still keeping that beachy vibe.

However, if you don’t want to cover your thighs, there are other ways to leave them out of the focus. One of the great ways to do so is to make your legs appear longer. As I’ve previously mentioned, you can achieve this effect by choosing high cut bottoms, such as high waist. For a bolder, sexier look, you can even go with a ’90s beach babe thong. As long as you can position the bottoms high, your legs will appear longer, and therefore slimmer.

Also, you can always opt for the old trick of making one part less prominent by emphasizing the other.

Dreaweet Vintage Women’s Plus Size High Waist Floral Front Cross Bikini Swimsuit

Dreaweet Vintage Plus Size Cross Bikini Swimsuit has a beautiful, eye-catching top. The unique design and the color scheme capture the attention right away. The top does contain some padding, which contributes to the fullness of the bust. The more you emphasize the upper part, the less prominent the size of your thighs will appear. Additionally, the cross part on the top creates the illusion of bigger breasts. Having no underwire, this top will be extremely comfortable to wear. There are three options with different color schemes.

One of the best swimsuits for big thighs is a high waisted one. Not only is it beneficial for your figure in so many ways, but it also has a slimming effects. First of all, it tucks away the tummy and makes it appear flatter. Secondly, it stops at the waist line, creating the illusion of a smaller waist. Also, its high position elongates the legs and makes them appear slimmer. The slimming effect for the legs implies the appearance of slimmer thighs.  The folds on the front part of the bottoms also slim down the figure.

High waisted bottoms are quite possibly the number one choice when it comes to swimsuits for big thighs.

ALove Women’s High Waisted Bikini Bottom Solid Black Swim Briefs

Wearing bottoms in bright colors will draw the attention to that area. If your goal is achieving the appearance of smaller thighs, you should avoid those designs. If you like to incorporate some drama into your look, leave it for the top part. This is where the emphasis should be, since it’ll work in favor of smaller thighs. Therefore, when shopping for swimsuits for big thighs, keep the bottoms low-key.

Gorgeous bottoms such as ALove Swim Briefs are exactly what you should aim for. First and foremost, they’re high waisted. As you know, the list of benefits of this kind of cut is pretty extensive. Regarding the topic of slimmer thighs, it elongates the legs. With longer legs, you also get the appearance of smaller thighs.

Additionally, these black bottoms offer some tummy control. The tummy area causes headache for most of us once the bikini season arrives. Therefore, with these bottoms, you can take care of two problem areas.

The cut outs on the sides aren’t only a sexy detail. They also contribute to the slimming effect these bottoms cause. Not only are they slimming, but they’re also simple, and extremely comfortable. To feel good, you have to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing.

Qearal Women Vintage Polka Dot Striped High Waisted Bathing Suits Bikini Two Pieces Swimsuit

Moving on to the next option of swimsuits for big thighs, we have Qearal Vintage Bathing Suits. The top part comes in two prints: horizontal stripes and polka print. Both of these beautiful designs give off the retro chic vibe. Since both designs are pretty attractive, once again the top takes the leading role. Also, the bra-like top contains padding which creates more volume in the bust area. Besides the padding, there’s also underwire support for the push up effect.  Both designs are very feminine and edgy, making the upper body part stand out.

Once again, the high waisted bottoms make the torso shorter. Consequently, the emphasis is on the length of the legs. This kind of effect results in slimmer thighs. You can either select a bolder option, which is a bright red, or the safe, black one. You already know the drill with the color effects, so there’s no need to get into that.

The ruched bottom part has a tummy control effect, if this is a problem area for you.  Once you take care of one problem area, others seem to appear slimmer, too. This is the overall effect that this swimsuit causes.

FanShou Women Two Piece Halter High Waisted Push Up Bikini Set Swimsuit

FanShou Two Piece Push Up Bikini Set makes your cleavage the focal part of the entire look. Instead of wired cups, the wires are in the V cut. The wires in the cups can often be very uncomfortable. Since security can be achieved without them, the cups in this top are wire-free. What the wires do for this look is fixing the cleavage into place. This is a great bikini top feature if you tend to be really active at the beach. The top is extremely comfortable. Also, it provides enough cleavage, as well as support to avoid any slippage.

Moving on to the bottom part, which is just as exciting. The bottom part provides moderate coverage. However, the secret is in the texture. The shirring wrinkly texture provides tummy control, and also creates the appearance of a slimmer waist. Also, the high cut elongates the legs, slimming down the thighs.

The texture of the bottoms creates fullness in that area, which makes the thighs less noticeable. The fullness also gives your booty a wider, thicker appearance. Making the booty stand out also takes away from the thickness of the thighs.

COCOPEAR Women’s Elegant Crossover One Piece Swimdress Floral Skirted Swimsuit

Swimdresses must be one of the cutest, girliest ways to cover your thighs. If you don’t see a satisfactory result with any other kind of swimwear, a swimdress is the answer. It is the simplest solution for your issue. The lower part of the swimdress simply flows over your thighs, covering them completely. Still, you can leave other parts open, to achieve a certain level of sexiness. Swimdresses by COCOPEAR are the best examples of great swimsuits for big thighs.

While covering the thighs, you can definitely reveal some décolletage. The top has a push up effect, and it makes your bust stand out, even if you have small boobs. The cross part with the folded texture also makes the bust appear larger. Since the design is high waist, the emphasis is also on the waist line. Also, the folds stop right at the waist line, making it slimmer.

The vintage, pin up style skirt has a flowy, girly shape. The swimdresses come in a variety of beautiful designs and patterns. Since the swimdress will be covering your thighs either way, you get to choose a bold design. This time you can break the rules, since there’s no need for any additional slimming effect.


Whether you decide to cover the area completely, or to utilize other tricks, swimsuits for big thighs are available in some wonderful, unique designs. Besides the swimwear, you can also turn to other tricks to create the appearance of slimmer legs. Getting a spray tan before hitting the beach is always a great hack. Not only does the tan have a slimming property, it will make you feel more confident. Spray tan can cover or conceal many other things we’re insecure about, such as cellulite, or scars.





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