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Stretch marks are vivid proofs of the changes our body has been through. It can be weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, or many other alterations. They can be more or less visible, but for some of us, they aren’t pleasant reminders. With the bikini season approaching, you’re probably thinking of different techniques to cover them up. Luckily, there are some smart tricks you can utilize to cover them completely or partially. Of course, the result will depend upon their size and color.

Also, if you wish to learn more about your skin, we’ll tackle that subject, too. There are definitely permanent ways to erase your stretch marks once and for all. Whether you just want your skin to look smoother, or you’re about to get rid of those stretch marks forever, check out the following methods.

Airbrush Your Stretch Marks Away

Getting an airbrush spray tan is a great way to prepare for the beach, regardless of the stretch marks. Not only is it safer than a tanning bed, but it can be more efficient. While the tanning bed provides longer-lasting results, the airbrush adds an extra layer onto your skin. This layer of tanning spray can fill up the little gaps stretch marks make. In some salons, tanning experts concentrate the tanning on the desired area.

The bronzy shade of the spray tan will give you that airbrushed look. Even if it doesn’t fill in your stretch marks, it’ll at least make them less noticeable. What I like to do after a spray tan is apply a shimmering lotion. It brings out the golden bronzy tones even more.

Achieve the Airbrush Effect with Make-up

If you’re rushing out of the house and you have no time to visit a salon, make-up can save the day. Since you’re going to the beach, make sure to use water-proof products. Even if you don’t go into the water, you will sweat during the day. To conceal your stretch marks, you should apply a make-up primer. It’ll prepare your skin for make-up and prolong its effect. Add a concealer of a thicker consistency and set it with a powder. Make sure not to use too light of a concealer, since it’ll highlight your stretch marks (and it’s the last thing you want). Setting it with a powder locks it into place.

In place of a concealer, you can use body foundations. You’ll find that a lot of brands produce these, especially for stage make-up and special effects purposes. These foundations offer high coverage which lasts – just what you need!

Treat your Stretch Marks with the Right Products

To approach the issue more seriously, you should start using the adequate products. If you’re like me, you don’t pay much attention to the ‘firming’ ingredients in a body lotion. However, if you’re determined in fighting these stretch marks face to face, start researching. There are various anti-stretch marks lotions, creams, and serums. Even if they don’t help with the current state, they can prevent the occurrence of new ones.

The next time you visit your dermatologist, consider asking a few questions about stretch marks. A professional can give you some really good remedies for this problem.

Take Care of Your Skin Properly

Our skin produces new cells daily. This means that a built-up of dead cells is inevitable. To get rid of these old cells and allow your skin to breathe, exfoliate at least once or twice a week. You don’t want to do it too often, though. You wanna give your skin enough time to recuperate. To save some money, make an exfoliating scrub at home. I use honey, coconut oil and brown sugar. These ingredients are great for your skin, and you’ll absolutely love the smell.

For exfoliating, add some coffee to your home-made scrub, or opt for coffee-based scrubs. Many people were pleasantly surprised with the fading effect that coffee has on stretch marks. Coffee was beneficial even in some instances of really stubborn stretch marks.

After exfoliating, never forget to moisturize. Moisturizing is recommended daily, actually. It’ll keep your skin hydrated and balanced. Hydration keeps the skin firm and prevents new stretch marks from appearing. If you don’t want to deal with even more stretch marks, keep a moisturizer nearby.

Prevent New Stretch Marks from Forming During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a very risky time for your skin. No wonder many women have stretch marks to remind them of it. There are special lotions you can apply during your pregnancy to prevent stretch marks. After all, prevention is better than a cure, isn’t it?

Sultry Cover-Ups

Some stretch marks are easier to hide. If they’re located on your booty, an adequate swimsuit solves the problem. For a more serious case of stretch marks all over the body, you can always turn to a cover-up. It can cover all the areas you’re insecure about while still being sexy.

Make Those Stretch Marks a Thing of the Past

The innovative laser removal treatments have expanded their area of expertise. Now, you can literally erase your stretch marks in only a couple of sessions. If none of the scrubs, creams or treatments have helped, this procedure is the answer. It’s fast, effective, and leaves your skin smoother than ever. What’s great about these treatments is that they work even on toughest cases. The only issue with it is the cost. However, this is a once-in-a-lifetime investment.


A conclusion we can draw from this story is that prevention is the key. But, that doesn’t mean that the stretch marks you already have are here to stay. Depending on the size, depth, placement and color of your stretch marks, you can choose the proper treatment. A lot of skin care is something you can do in the comfort of your own home. This process, just like any other, requires discipline.

In the mean time, while battling your battle against stretch marks, try out the concealing tricks. Just because they’re still on your body doesn’t mean that they have to be on display.