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Tankinis are one of most interesting swimwear pieces. While covering the middle part of the body, which tends to be the most problematic, they don’t stray away from the theme of summery fun outfits. Yes, they are different than regular one-pieces. If you’re tired of wearing same old traditional one-pieces, they might be just the thing you’re looking for.

Depending on what and how much you’re willing to expose, you can choose from a number of tankinis. They can show a little bit or cleavage, or introduce a low cut. You can pick different models, such as the ones resembling dresses. They can go over your bottoms, or leave that area open. The beauty of this kind of swimwear is in simplicity. As different as they are, with them you don’t have to try too hard to conceal flaws. The way they’re designed serves the purpose very well. Moreover, the simplicity doesn’t take away from the uniqueness.

When it comes to other types of swimwear, you have to be very careful about many characteristics. Tankinis are usually easy to work with, and you can find one for every body type. This kind of relief is something that we all need when shopping for a swimsuit. If you don’t want to complicate it, with this kind of swimwear, you’re on a safe ground.

Looking good when at the beach without trying too hard has never been as easy as with tankinis. They bring the sense of carelessness we all need when the swimsuit season is approaching us.

What to focus on when searching for the best tankinis?

Who says that covering your body can’t be sexy? The truth is that sexy is an attitude, not an outfit. It is rather a state of mind that what you decide to wear. Therefore, don’t let anyone tell you you’re not confident enough if you decide not to reveal it all at the beach. Whatever you feel comfortable in is the best thing you could possibly wear.

A tankini can help you hide the most problematic areas on your body with some great designs and colors. You don’t have to choose lifeless, plain swimwear in order to achieve a slimming effect. As a matter of fact, you can make it fun, while still achieving the coverage you want. A tankini is a great alternative for one-piece, since it can help you cover a lot more. This way, you’ll feel more sure of yourself, and you won’t have to worry about anything slipping out.

A tankini can be found in so many different shapes and forms. This way, every one of you can find a tankini that goes with your personal style. Once again, it covers, while keeping that fresh, summery vibe around. Just because you want to hide certain body parts, doesn’t mean you can’t look attractive. The point is finding a piece that suits you the best, and doesn’t hide some features you wanna leave open.

When searching for the best tankini, you have to consider a couple of prevailing factors. Since coverage is a priority, find the one which covers the part you want to hide. Also, make sure that it does reveal your favorite features. The material of the swimwear is also very important. You want it to feel light and comfortable on your skin. Finally, go for unusual, uncommon designs. It’ll go with the beachy time.

FIYOTE Women Banded Printed Tankini Top with Triangle Briefs Swimsuit

This FIYOTE Tankini allows you to cover the entire belly area, without looking too old-fashioned. I know some people can be rather skeptical about this amount of coverage. However, with a top this girly, your look can never turn out to be too dull. The tankini tops come in four different prints and designs. Each of them has a little open part which shows a glimpse of cleavage. While the area is still hidden, this interesting detail adds a sexy touch. The mixture of summery patterns and feminine colors makes this tankini a statement piece.

Since the tops are rather unique and different, the bottoms come in simple colors. This kind of combination creates a classy balance. If your concern is about the tankini not looking swimwear-y enough, you won’t have that feeling with this one.

The bottoms aren’t too revealing, or too covered. They give the booty a round shape, and allow you to show some skin. The shirt-like top gives you a guarantee of coverage for the middle part. Also, it has adjustable straps, so you can make it as comfy as you want. While concealing the middle part, you can still show your legs, thighs, and booty.

Dippin’ Daisy’s Women Bandeau Blouson Tankini w/ High Waist Bottom

A great way to escape the possibility of plainness of a look which covers your belly is to make it colorful. This is a strategy that Dippin’ Daisy’s successfully incorporate when it comes to their tankini swimwear. For people to notice you, you don’t have to show too much skin. These show-stopping, fun designs are hard to look away from. This is exactly the look you want to achieve when wearing a tankini. Since it hides your torso, you can make sure it stands out.

Dippin’ Daisy tankinis offer a wide range of color and pattern choice, none of which is plain. Basically, what you’re doing is making up for the lack of bare skin by choosing a unique design. Looking fabulous while hiding the parts you’re insecure about – can it get better than that?

When it comes to tankini set bottoms, Dippin’ Daisy keeps it pretty simple, to balance the entire look. Having such crazy prints on both parts would be overpowering, and far from stylish. This way, you’re able to make one piece stand out. However, a bow detail on the side of the bottoms adds a nice little touch. It also blends in perfectly with the rest of the look.

This tankini top resembles a bandeau top, since it is strapless. This allows you to show your shoulders, and the top part of your back.

Ekouaer Women’s Print Tankini With Padded Solid Bikini 3 Pieces Set Bathing Suit Swimwear

Ekouaer Bathing Suit set provides 3 swimwear pieces. The first one is a regular, bra-like bikini top with adjustable straps. If you want, you can definitely wear this piece by itself. However, if you want the coverage, there’s also a colorful, beautiful tankini top. This tankini top serves as a cover up for the regular bra-like top you wear underneath.

You may be wondering why do you need both tops? Basically, the regular top gives you the security for your cleavage. With this top underneath, you won’t worry about any slippage. The second top provides the coverage you want in a tankini. Since you have the security underneath, you can adjust the tankini any way you want. You can let it fall effortlessly, without worrying about any wardrobe malfunction.

The sets come in two gorgeous colors, blue and pink. The designs of tankini tops in both sets are rather eye-catching and sultry. Just like most of the tankini sets, the bottoms are pretty simple, leaving the spotlight on the top part. Additionally, the drawstring on the sides of the bottoms is adjustable.

The great think about having three pieces in this swimsuit set is that you can create any look you want. If at some point you feel comfortable enough, you can remove the tankini top.

Eternatastic Women’s Retro Polka Dot Tankini Swimwear Two Pieces Swimsuit

While some tankini sets have tops with no support for the boobs, this is not the case with Eternatastic Swimwear. The top has a sewed-in sports bra which keeps everything in its place. This design allows you to involve in beach activities without worrying about anything slipping. Also, you cannot see anything through the top, thanks to the sports bra underneath.

The sports bra also contributes to the comfort of this tankini top. A regular bikini top usually has underwires and padding. These can be hard to adjust, and even painful if you wear it for too long. Underwires tops tend to cut into the skin and even leave marks. Also, this kind of top would probably be visible underneath the tankini.

Let’s talk about the cutest retro design of this tankini set! The polka pattern is one of the best retro styles to ever make a comeback. It is feminine, outgoing, but very stylish, all at once. The entire top is in the polka print. The bottoms, on the other hand, have the polka print only on the front part. The sets are all polka-inspired, and they come in 4 different color schemes.

Both pieces are extremely comfortable. You can even pair them up with other swimwear items for a different result.

Sidefeel Women Push Up Tankini With Panty Two Pieces Swimsuit Set

Even though you want to cover the tummy, it doesn’t imply that you have to give up the cleavage, too! You can still look sexy and reveals some cleavage, while covering the belly. Sidefeel Push Up Tankini is one of the best tankini options out there. This swimwear set is far from basic and usual. The top has a push up effect, which allows you to maximize the cleavage. Still, it doesn’t reveal too much, and it certainly doesn’t take away from the classiness.

Going down, the tankini top has little cut outs on the sides. While they’re minimal, they still contribute to the sexiness. The rest of the top covers the remaining part of the middle area.

As far as the bottoms go, you can either go with plain ones, or the sporty boxers. If you’re into the sporty style, you’ll adore this particular tankini set. You can also combine the boxers with the more casual tops without the cut outs.

The great thing about Sidefeel Tankini Sets is that there’s a fit for everyone’s style. There’s a more sultry, fashionista alternative, as well as a casual, sporty one. Besides the styles, you can choose from a variety of prints and color combinations.


A person who claims that tankinis lack in sexiness probably haven’t seen these amazing, innovative models. Nowadays, you can make everything look fashionable if you try hard enough. The key is in experimenting with different pieces, details, and designs. You can trick the eye and disregard the fact that you have something to hide. All that matters is how well you combine the pieces.