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All the additions and hacks you use to make your boobs appear bigger in dresses and tops can’t completely translate to bikinis. It’s a shame though, since we have some pretty good tricks nowadays which are very hard to notice. Once it is time to hit the beach, it seems like we’re forced to take all our insecurities out for a walk. The important thing to point our early on is that our insecurities are in our heads. What gives them a shape and a form is the way we perceive them. It is completely fine to want to work on your visual representation. As long as it is not an obsession, it can motivate you.

For a girl with a small bust, finding the adequate top can be a real nightmare. It’s hard finding a top which will not flatten the area even more. Moreover, it can be challenging picking out a top which will not make the lack in the bust area too obvious. To avoid the headache of tracking down the right swimsuit for small bust, think of tops as bras. What would you typically go for if you were buying a bra? Which hacks would you use?

As mentioned before, not all of these will work. However, you can always modify and adapt them to fit the beach scenario. Swimsuits for small bust can resemble a bra, while preserving that beachy, summery vibe. Try to get creative and you’ll love the final result. Once again, your comfort comes first.

How to select the best swimsuits for small bust?

The great thing about swimsuits for small bust is that they can give you the same result as your favorite bra. Practically, take your favorite bra, memorize all of its features, and search for a similar swimsuit. A swimsuit with a push up effect can do wonders even for the smallest bust. In combination with the padding, you’ll get the appearance of a fuller bust instantly. Not only will your boobs appear to be bigger, but you’ll feel more secure. Push up tops with the padding holds the bust in place, so that there’s no possibility for a malfunction.

Avoid the tops which flatten your boobs. Those tops usually offer no support, and have no built-in cups. Tops like these are something that only girls with bigger boobs can pull off. Even in those cases, there’s a possibility of these tops moving around and not being secure enough. Therefore, you shouldn’t envy girls who get to wear those triangle bikini tops. For the majority of time, they have to check on them and adjust them.

To sum it up, incorporate as many tricks as you can to achieve the wanted result. Push up effect, padding, cups – it can all deliver amazing results. In addition, don’t forget about the power of textures and prints. The right kind of texture will create volume and contribute to the optical illusion. Prints, on the other hand, are an optical illusion of their own which can be very useful.

EVALESS Women’s Elegant Vintage Push Up Padded Two Piece Low-rise Bikini Set Swimsuit

EVALESS Push Up Padded Bikini Set is one of the best swimsuits for small bust. As I’ve mentioned before, you can achieve the best result if you incorporate different elements which create the transformation. This particular bikini top is not only push up, but it also contains padding. While the push up property makes the boobs sit straight up and makes them look perky, padding adds the volume. This way you’re working both on the shape and the fullness of the bust. The two effects in combination give you a bust that appears one or two cups bigger.

The spaghetti strappy top keeps the focus on the cleavage. Speaking of the cleavage, underwire can sometimes be too tight. Also, after some time it tends to pop out, which can be very annoying. If you remove it, the top will probably lose its shape. The great thing about this EVALESS bikini is that there are no wires. Also, the padding is not removable, and it stays in place. When the padding is removable, it can be hard to position it successfully again.

Aside from a great push up top, you’ll absolutely love the bottoms. They’re low-rise printed bottoms which make the figure stand out.

Zeraca Women’s Fringe Halter Top Low Rise Bottom Bikini

Halter tops bring the bust area higher and give it more prominence. Yes, you can adjust the straps, but those bikini tops can never be as high as the halter ones. The halter keeps everything in place, while allowing you to create more cleavage. Swimsuits for small bust with halter neckline are, therefore, a much better option.

This Zeraca Bikini top has a texture which tricks the eye and creates the illusion of a bigger bust. Also, since it is unusual and exotic, it draws the attention to the cleavage. Fringes are known for producing this kind of effect. Your bust will appear larger, wider, and more prominent.

While the fringes do trigger the attention, the top doesn’t have much padding, and it isn’t push up. Therefore, I recommend this option to the girls who don’t have the smallest boobs. This top will accentuate and bring forward a cleavage you already possess. For the ultimate transformation, opt for the push up, the padding, or a combination of both. At the end of the day, a combination of the two is the most effective when it comes to swimsuits for small bust.

If you choose this bikini set, you’ll have a selection of many gorgeous colors for summer.

CHERRY CAT Women 50s Retro Polka High Waisted Bikini Swimsuits

This gorgeous retro CHERRY CAT high waisted bikini will have you feeling like a pin up star. The top is one of the most rewarding when it comes to swimsuits for small bust. First of all, it is push up, and it instantly creates cleavage. Also, it is underwired, which gives you support and security. The underwire also keeps the boobs posted and lifted. Finally, it does include soft padding which adds volume to the bust. The halter neckline contributes to the effect of a lifted bust.

In the spirit of 1950’s, this gorgeous swimsuit set includes all the beautiful details characteristic for that era. The halter neckline ties into a bow behind the neck. Also, the flexible boning in the top gives a corset-like support for your bust.

The bottom part is high waisted, in polka print, adding to the whole retro chic look. There is also some ruching happening in the middle part of the bottoms. This addition in texture can help you hide the stomach area if you’re not feeling really comfortable with it. Overall, both pieces in this bikini set have a significant role in taking your beach look to the next level. The focus will be on your bust, while the problem areas won’t be in the picture.

LookbookStore Women’s Crochet Lace Halter Straps Swimsuits

With this LookbookStore Crochet Swimsuit you decide the style of the top. Since it has adjustable removable straps, you can leave them on for more support. However, when you remove them, you get a bandeau strapless top. Thanks to the secure padding in the top, your bust will remain posted.

The bustier top has built-in padding for more support and fullness in the bust area. If you feel like you lack some support, you can adjust the straps differently. Namely, you can tie them in the back for a criss-cross look.

Spaghetti straps are very firm and resistant. You can adjust them as tight as you want to get the most out of the top. The padding makes the bust appear larger and rounder. It gives you a beautiful cleavage, which isn’t really over-the-top.

This chic one-piece almost looks like a fancy body suit you could wear as a clothing piece. The floral see-through design makes the swimsuit look very high fashion. This kind of one-piece is perfect for pool or beach parties where you really wanna stand out. Although it dazzles in black, you can also try it in many different colors. It makes your bust look bigger, emphasizes the figure, and also has cheeky bottoms. What else can you ask for in a one-piece?

Koerse push up Padded bikini 2 piece Halter Criss cross floral swimsuit

Once again, we have the winning combination of a push up top with the padding. Koerse bikini set has a rather unique top which is great for girls with a small bust.  The support this top offers is hard to match. It is a halter top which ties both behind the neck and on the back. The firmness is also supported by the criss-crossed front part, which is connected to the back. The padding makes the bust appear fuller and wider. Also, the push up effect enhances and lifts the boobs, for an even more luscious cleavage. Aside from all the support and the push up action going on, the top is very comfortable.

The bottoms of this Koerse bikini set are very basic. This kind of balance allows the top to stand out. When choosing a bikini to emphasize the bust, try to keep the bottoms as simple as possible. This way, the focus will stay on the area you want to stand out the most. Beautiful feminine floral design will make you glow.

Even if you have a really flat bust, this kind of bikini can help you enhance your features. Padding will make up for the lack of natural fullness in the bust area.


You can still work around certain disadvantages and flaws of your body type. The features you naturally have are just what you begin with. Once you learn to work with what you’ve got, you’ll find that everything can change. You just need to find the adequate equipment to develop a certain visual presentation. If you want more cleavage, simply select one of these amazing bikini sets. Without trying too hard, these tops will create the appearance of a larger bust.



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