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Having a large bust can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. On one hand, curves make a woman look desirable and feminine. You can wear low cuts without worrying about things such as push-up bra or cutlets. You also get to wear really sexy outfits, with a lot of cleavage. However, these advantages come with a little bit of difficulty. All in all, it is safe to say that having a large bust is bitter-sweet.

Once the bikini season arrives, the trouble comes with it, if you have a large bust. You need a bikini top which will provide enough coverage, security, and comfort. You need to feel safe when at the beach, in the water, or doing any kind of beach activity. Swimsuits for large bust must offer the support which will not be overwhelming. The bottom line is that you want to show your cleavage, but as long as you feel it is in the right place. Any slipping, moving, or peaking wouldn’t be appreciated.

Swimsuits for larger bust should provide the feeling of comfort instead of restlessness. In addition, they should never be too tight or overpowering. Bikini tops which make everything too tense can’t be considered the right choice for you.

A lot of these factors you have to consider may confuse you. However, you shouldn’t feel hopeless. There are various different models of swimsuits for large bust you can choose from. These models vary from one-pieces to underwired tops matched with sexy bottoms.

What to look for in swimsuits for large bust?

The first thing that you should consider when searching for swimsuits for large bust is comfort. Since these swimsuits must offer support above everything else, make sure that they feel comfortable. All the underwire, the padding and the support system can sometimes cause the comfort to be disregarded. You want to be able to feel comfortable, while still getting the support you need.

You obviously cannot feel comfortable if you don’t feel that the top is supportive enough. Therefore, this is the second factor among the most important ones. Make sure that the top is holding everything in place, so that nothing is slipping or moving. Swimsuits for large bust have to keep everything in place during activities, and especially in the water. Choose underwired tops, tight bandeau pieces, straps, and everything that can create a good support system.

While comfort and security matter, you shouldn’t have to give up your sexiness. There’s hardly anything sexier than cleavage, and just because you have to control it, doesn’t mean you have to completely hide it. Choose swimsuits which do let you emphasize your strongest feature, without it being too much. Trust me, a lot of girls go through so many procedures and try so many tricks to get the look you naturally have. Therefore, feel free to flaunt what you’ve got and proudly wear your cleavage. As long as everything’s in its place, there’s nothing wrong with showing some skin.

Becca by Rebecca Virtue Women’s Color Code Sliding Halter Bikini Top (D+ Cup)

This sliding halter top by Becca offers amazing D+ cup bikini tops. The main trouble when searching for swimsuits for large bust is in discovering the brands that have tops in big sizes. Most of the brands don’t really offer a wide selection of tops for women with large boobs. However, Becca indeed has some cute tops for large bust in different colors for summer. This particular swimsuit can be found in red-orange, blue, and pink.

The design of the Becca swimsuits for large bust is pretty simple. This is something that you should appreciate if you have a large bust. Why? Simply, you don’t need to additionally emphasize the boobs, since they’re pretty noticeable on their own. Choosing an extravagant design could be a little bit too much.

The top has a halter neckline which ties around the neck. The tie allows you to control the position of the top. You can manage just how much support you want by adjusting the halter neckline. It is much more practical than dealing with the adjustable straps.

The top has some padding, which prevents any see-through situation. Also, it doesn’t contain any underwires, but that shouldn’t scare you. The bottom part is certainly secured with two tight straps you control by tying them on the back.

COCOPEAR Women’s Elegant Crossover One Piece Swimdress Floral Skirted Swimsuit

A swimdress is an unusual, yet extremely girly alternative for bikini sets, as well as one-pieces. Swimdresses used to be extremely popular back in the day, especially during the pin up years. The body image has changed a lot since then. Unfortunately, brands mostly produce small bikinis not everyone can pull off. This is exactly why COCOPEAR swimdresses are a refreshing change among swimsuits for large bust.

The top part of the swimdress is underwired. It also contains soft cups which give you additional support, and also give a nice shape to the cleavage. This is a great choice for those of you who want to show the cleavage, while still having the security the underwire provides.

The thick stripes also give a sense of security and support. Also, they crossover in the back, making sure everything stays posted. Obviously, all these factors make thid swimwear suitable for girls with large boobs.

A swimdress is also a smart option for those of you who need more coverage in the middle area. Swimdress is a great combination of a bikini and a cover up. You’ll be able to disguise the tummy, ans well as the booty area. Also, the designs include beautiful summer-themed prints and colors.

Bloom’s Outlet Monroe Halter Neck Boyleg One Piece Monokini Swimsuit

By choosing Bloom’s Outlet monokini, you’re solving more issues at once. With one single swimsuit, you’re taking care of the issue of large boobs, tummy control, and the booty. Instead of buying separate pieces for each of these problems, you can invest in one.

These gorgeous one-pieces have a halter neckline which offers enough support for your large bust. When it comes to swimsuits for large bust, it is best when they have halter necklines instead of straps. Sometimes, straps can be hard to adjust so that you have enough control of your bust. Also, if they’re not of the best quality, they can easily break. Having a strap pop off on the beach would be very unpleasant, to say the least.

Once you adjust the neckline according to your body and your needs, there’s no way anything will move. The boobs remain posted, and your cleavage looks just the way you want it.

This monokini is also great for girls who struggle with the tummy area. It covers the entire tummy, making it appear slimmer. Also, you can choose from two different bottom styles. Depending on what you prefer, there’s an option of boy shorts, as well as a skirt.

Bloom’s Outlet monokinis are available in 5 different styles.

Vilania Women’s Bikini Halter Top Criss Cross Sexy Swimsuit

Halter tops definitely take the lead when it comes to the best swimsuits for large bust. Vilania swimsuits for large bust make the halter design even more secure. The double straps offer double support: behind the neck and at the back. Also, there are adjustable shoulder straps, which give you even more control and security. The straps are thick and strong, giving you more support than ever.

The top contains cups which shape and push up the cleavage. Not only do they contribute to the support system of the top, they also make the cleavage stand out. The top promises to give support and structure for girls with large bust. The straps are tight enough to hold everything in place, but not too tight so that you still feel comfortable.

Since the top is absolutely secure, you can wear it during any kind of activity. You can swim, run, or attend a party wearing it.

The bottom part has some interesting, sexy detailing. There are also double straps on the bottom, in two different colors, which criss-cross. The bottoms are also very secure and ideal for beach activities. While keeping everything in place, they’ll make your booty stand out, as well.

PZZ Plus Size High Waisted Swimsuit Flouncing Retro Flower Printed Beachwear Two Pieces Bikini Set

The PZZ high waisted bikini set has a top which is a great choice for girls with a large bust. Since it resembles a bra, it will give you the same amount of support. It has bra-like underwired cups with removable padding. You can either keep the padding for extra fullness in that area, or remove it.

This top also comes with a halter neckline, which is crucial for absolute security. Straps or hooks can easily break, which is something that can easily happen to girls with large boobs. Instead of dreading every move you make, you can choose a top with a halter neckline. Another set of straps ties on the back, which means that the support is doubled, as well.

The rouffles on the top add a feminine, girly touch to the swimsuit. Speaking of girly, the bottoms come in floral print. Since they’re high waist, they can also be a great solution for girls who want to cover the stomach area. Covering the middle area can also help you accentuate your boobs, and your legs.


For girls with a large bust, it can be a struggle trying to find the fitting top. You want the support and security, as well as the comfort, and sexiness. Since none of these elements should be compromised, the choice of adequate swimsuits is pretty much narrowed down. Unfortunately, you can’t just throw on any top and hit the beach. To feel completely secure, the top has to provide enough support, which won’t feel too tight and uncomfortable.

Each of these bikini sets provides a great top, which fulfills each of the conditions when it comes to swimsuits for large bust.




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