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If you’re on a hunt for the best swimsuits for DD+ cup sizes, you’re probably far away from the option of triangle bikini tops. Unfortunately, we have to obey the laws of nature and avoid what doesn’t work for our body type. For a bigger bust, the safest way to go is to choose bra sized swimsuit tops. When you think of perfect support for your breasts, bandeau tops probably don’t come to your mind. Nothing can beat the effect that the bra provides. Therefore, you should gravitate more towards this kind of tops.

If the idea of wearing something resembling a bra intimidates you, you should know that you can find beachy looking bra-like tops. Understandably, these tops do have underwires, but the texture hides them. This fashionable touch makes the top look more like swimwear than underwear. If this was your main concern, you should definitely scratch that off your list. These swimsuits for DD+ cup sizes have all the properties of a good bra. Luckily, what they lack is that plain underwear look you don’t want to take to the beach. This way you can have the best of both worlds, all wrapped into one swimsuit.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take your favorite bra and turn it into a swimsuit? As a matter of fact, you could, but that’d consume much of your precious time you’d rather spend at the beach. Instead, try some of the swimsuits for DD+ cup sizes which will give you that bra comfort.

How to select the best swimsuits for DD+ cup sizes?

I’m sure that, when it comes to bras, you already have a trusty brand which you wouldn’t change for the world. Most of us stick to one particular brand once we find bras that fulfill our specific needs. This is important for all girls, but especially for those of you wearing DD+ cup sizes. You need the security and support in a bra more than anyone else. For other girls, it’s mostly about the cleavage, and the way their breasts look in a bra. In your case, a lot of other things are at stake.

Having big boobs can be a burden for your back and neck area. Consequently, many girls with a large bust experience back pain and headaches. To avoid these, girls who wear DD+ cup sizes must create a good support system for their boobs. Obviously, these factors matter when choosing a bra. However, when shopping for a swimsuit, they’re crucial.

At the beach or by the pool you’re usually wearing nothing on top of your swimsuit. This is a reason enough to make sure that your cleavage sits tight. Not only do you want to avoid a wardrobe malfunction, but you also need that support to be able to relax. Otherwise, you’ll spend your precious time trying to adjust the top, or making sure it remains in place. To avoid the anxiousness, choose the right bra sized swimsuit for DD+ cup sizes.

Becca by Rebecca Virtue Women’s Cosmic Racerback Bikini Top (D+ Cup)

The first bikini set I’ll be talking about is the Becca by Rebecca Virtue Cosmic Racerback Bikini. This particular top has a label of being fit for DD+ cup sizes. It offers great support for your large bust, since it does have some extra coverage in the front part. Its shape resembles a sports bra which is pretty tight around the boobs. However, it does allow the cleavage to be seen, as it doesn’t cover the entire area. The colorful design of this top also catches the eye.

The great thing about this bikini is that it offers the top in big sizes. As a girl who has a large bust, you probably couldn’t find the top for you in every store. Luckily, Becca does offer their swimsuits in big sizes.

An interesting detail which makes the top stand out is the design on the back. The racerback adds a nice touch which makes up for the rather plain cut of the front part. Also, behind you’ll find a hook which gives even more support and security for your boobs.

Finally, these gorgeous swimsuits for DD+ cup sizes are available in two different color schemes. Each of these designs is beach appropriate and very summery.

Miraclesuit Womens Zip Line Temptress One-Piece

The bra sized top of this Miraclesuit Zip Line Temptress One-Piece has wire-free cups for comfortable security. As you know, wires can sometimes cause a lot of trouble, not only with swimwear, but with bras, too. You’ve probably experienced a wire popping out of its place and pinching your skin. It can be pretty frustrating until you pull it out and ruin the top. Once you remove the wire, it loses its shape, and it’s hard to readjust it. Thankfully, with tops such as this one, there’s no need for support of the wires. The foam lined cups are resistant enough to keep the cleavage in place.

Where the wires do exist is the plunge center. This amazing trick will keep your cleavage in place and sharp looking no matter what you do. When you have big boobs, it can be difficult to control them. However, the wires around the décolletage create a sort of boundaries for your boobs. This feature makes the boobs stay in place.

Another characteristic of this one-piece is that it is made of Miratex fabric which guarantees firmness. Not only does it make the figure appear slimmer, but it also helps with the bust control.

Runbox Women’s Plus Size Pleated Push up Two-piece Swimsuit

Runbox Plus Size Pleated Push Up Swimsuit was specifically designed for girls with large bust. If you’re searching for a bra sized DD+ cup size top, this may be where you stop your quest. Instead of trying to adapt other tops to your needs, you can simply go with a plus size top. Making other tops work can be such an exhausting process. Also, it isn’t finding the adequate size. Swimsuits which already run big surely have what you need.

The top offers unbelievable coverage and support. The spaghetti straps are adjustable, and can be tightened to your liking. It is also push up, so it will keep your boobs firm and in place. Additionally, it has mold cups with underwire for absolute security in this section. This kind of top will remain in place even during beach activities. You can go swimming, or play some beach volleyball without having to worry about anything moving. All the security factors incorporated into this top will not disappoint you.

The matching bottoms offer the same kind of support and coverage. Another fabulous thing about this bikini set is that the fabric is quick dry. Also, it is very stretchy, so you won’t feel uncomfortable in it.

Marie Meili Curves “Henrietta” Seamless Underwire Balcony Bikini Top

Animal print instantly adds a note of sexiness and sensuality. If you want to stand out in the crowd and make people notice you, choosing an animal print bikini is the way to go. Marie Meili Bikini Top is not only sexy, but also a great fit for DD+ cup sizes. Of course, it comes in big sizes, so you won’t have trouble finding the right one for you. Also, when it comes to the support and security for your large bust, it has that covered, too.

First of all, the shoulder straps are adjustable, which enables you to adapt them to your body shape. A great thing about these straps is that you can gain the right amount of support for your bust.

The bra sized top possesses all the features your favorite bra has. The padded cups give you a sense of comfort and security. Also, the padding helps you achieve a voluminous cleavage. Moreover, the underwire strengthens the feeling of support the cups offer. This kind of top will not leave you hanging when you need the most support.

A common concern with bra-like swimwear tops is that they’ll resemble underwear too much. This Marie Meili top has seamless underwires for a more beachy look.

American Trends Women’s Plus Size High Waist Fringe Bikini Retro Swimwear Swimsuit

Now, this is a bikini set that will make some heads turn and some jaws drop! The tropical, outgoing design of this bikini set is something you don’t see every day. Crazy color combination with the tassels on top makes the whole look very chic. All these eye-catching elements can distract the observer from noticing any flaws you want to keep private.

The top part contains an underwire for maximum support for your large bust. It also has a halter neckline, for additional security. These factors in combination with the shape of the top shape the bust perfectly. Additionally, the top contains cups with just enough padding to make you feel more secure.

The beauty of this American Trends Plus Size Swimsuit is in the perfect execution. Since purpose of the swimsuit is to make curvy girls be comfortable, it is definitely one of the best choices. The manufacturer’s goal was to create enough support for a large bust. However, the top doesn’t neglect your need for cleavage. It still allows you to show a little bit of skin, while ensuring that everything remains in its place.

The high waisted bottoms go perfectly with the fringe design of the top, especially if you want to conceal the middle area.


A conclusion we could draw from the entire story is that there are amazing swimsuit choices for girls who wear DD+ cup sizes. This means that you no longer have to make certain tops work. Simply browse through brands which do offer tops in bigger sizes. These tops will, in majority of cases, incorporate many other security factors. Tops specifically designed for girls with large breasts have everything you need to look and feel your best at the beach.


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