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The current trends don’t have power over all of us, and it can actually be a good thing. If you aim to stand out, you’ll never find your originality fading. The big butt trend has been present for quite some time now. We see girls trying to fit into this pattern any way they can. Just because this is currently a desirable body in society doesn’t mean that you should obey it. If the size of your booty is something you’ll like to ‘shrink’ in a swimsuit, so be it. I do have some suggestions which will help you obtain your goal.

To make your butt look smaller, you should, before anything else, avoid pieces which create the illusion of wideness. For instance, you’ll want to skip the thong, or any similar bottoms. The more skin you show, the bigger your butt will appear. For a smaller butt, you’ll want to cover as much of it as you can. Another important detail is the print. As always, the print can either attract the attention, or keep it away. As a person who wants the appearance of a slimmer booty, you’d better stay away from horizontal stripes.

Once you have a list of the things you should avoid, make one with the preferred features. Any swimsuit which can cause a slimming effect in the booty area is welcome. Also, you’ll want to avoid any accessories around the booty area. To make booty look smaller, give your upper body area the most prominence.

How to find the best swimsuits to make the booty look smaller?

There are many possible reasons for girls to not feel completely comfortable with their body in a swimsuit. Who can blame you though? While at the beach, we can’t escape the impression of being exposed. For some people, it can be thrilling to know that people are looking. However, for others, it can be terrifying. While you certainly shouldn’t be ashamed of your body by any means, your concerns are justified.

Luckily for you, there are swimsuits which cover more than they reveal. Also, you can hide a least favorite area, while emphasizing others. If you want to make your butt look smaller, you need all the coverage you can get. Coverage and swimwear don’t quite belong in the same category, but you can still make it work. And, when I say coverage, I don’t mean giving up the sexy. Above everything else comes your femininity and the theme of the look – which is summer. After all, you don’t want to cover your entire body.

Certain swimsuits can indeed make your butt look smaller. With these swimsuits, you’ll cover your booty and create a slimmer appearance. Whether you’re struggling with cellulite, or you simply don’t like the shape of it, these swimsuits can help you with that. It is a combination of different things which make up the appearance of slimness. Here are some of the most effective models when it comes to making your butt look smaller.

Zeraca Women’s Fringe Halter Top Low Rise Bottom Bikini Bathing suits

One of the most successful ways to distract people from noticing something you want to keep out of the focus is to distinguish something else. If you make one particular body part more prominent, your booty will not be in the picture. Thus, you’ll make your butt look smaller. A good strategy is making the entire lower body area less prominent. This way, you don’t ‘risk’ your booty drawing the attention. How can you achieve this effect? Simply make the upper body area dominant. By choosing a different, eye-catching top you can make the people completely disregard the size of your butt.

The Zeraca Fringe Halter Top Low Rise Bottom Bikini has a perfect top to achieve the illusion you want. The fringes on the top not only make the boobs stand out, but they make them appear larger. Therefore, adding volume to this area while keeping the bottoms plain does the job for ya.

Moreover, the bottoms of this bikini set have moderate coverage on the back. The design allows you to hide the entire booty, since the front is low rise. The lower the front part – the higher you can adjust the back part and make the butt look smaller.

Tempt Me Women Two Pieces Clear Sexy Floral Print Crop Ruffled Off-shoulder Bikini

Once again, a cute top makes you forget about the bottom part. Tempt me Off-Shoulder Bikini has an amazing ruffled, off-shoulder design. Not only is it incredibly girly and flirtatious, its placement also works in favor of slimmer lower body appearance. The beautiful floral designs and color combination will have everyone’s eyes locked on the cleavage. Also, the off-shoulder placement will make the upper area look wider. Consequently, your butt will look smaller, since the emphasis is on the wideness of your boob region.

The ruffles on the top create the appearance of volume in the chest area. While making your butt look smaller, with this top you can create the illusion of a bigger bust. When it comes to the actual bottom part, it also has moderate coverage for the booty. Just like the previous model, it has a low rise bottom, which means that the front part is lowered. This allows you to gain more coverage in the back part, since the bottoms are higher in the back.

The side ties allow you to gain even more control over the amount of coverage in the bottom part. This way you can adjust the placement of the bottoms, and position them as high as you want.

Blooming Jelly Women’s Coconut Tree Print High Waist Bikini Set Bathing Suit

Back in the day, the swimsuits offered much more coverage in the bottom part. The thong and Brazilian cut weren’t a thing, and the shorts-like bottoms pretty much took over the entire swimwear fashion. Luckily for you, the retro fashion is one of the hottest trends, and it doesn’t seem to be slowing its roll.

Blooming Jelly High Waist Set Bathing Suit is definitely one of the most fashionable, yet effective way to make your butt look smaller. As you know, the less skin you show, the less prominence you’re giving to your booty area. Therefore, a high waist design is a great alternative for traditional bikinis.

Aside from providing enough coverage for the booty, it is also one of most trendy styles of bikini bottoms. It is different, chic, and daring – although not revealing. The shorts-like shape of the bottoms makes the butt look smaller, while creating a nice shape. It’ll give you the coverage you want, without completely flattening the booty. After all, you do want to keep some of the curve.

The bikini bottoms of this set don’t go too high, so you don’t have to worry about your torso looking too short. If you don’t want to reveal much of the cleavage either, the top allows you to keep that part private, too.

Dreaweet Vintage Women’s Plus Size High Waist Floral Front Cross Bikini Swimsuit

Dreaweet Vintage Plus Size High Waist Bikini has an adequate size for any body type. If you have a big booty, I guess it was hard for you to find the right bottoms. And even if you do, they probably don’t come in a matching set with the right size of the top. Trying to match the top and the bottom and find the adequate sizes can escalate into a mess quickly. A lot of us experience the struggle of not being able to find the right size. However, Dreaweet has a large spectrum of different colors, designs, and sizes, for that matter.

The top has a front cross which adds a unique touch to the set. If you have big boobs, the thick straps will give you enough support in the front area. In the back, they behave just like normal bra straps. Also, the back part of the top ties, adding some extra support.

The bottom part, which actually matters the most for making the butt look smaller, is available in black. You already know the drill: for the maximal slimming result, you can’t go wrong with the black. The bottoms of this bikini set cover the entire booty.

JIANLANPTT Lady Girls Off Shoulder Ruffle Swim Bathing Suit Bikini Two Piece Set

With this gorgeous off-shoulder JIANLANPTT swimsuit top there’s no way anyone will notice anything else. The top is rich in ruffle and gives off a rather tropical vibe. Since it goes off the shoulder, it keeps the focus on the upper body. The ruffles in combination with the off-shoulder design and bright colors create the appearance of wideness. Since the focus is entirely on the top, and the bottoms are rather plain, the butt looks smaller.

You can also get this swimsuit set in black, if you wish to slim down the lower area completely. The cut of the bottoms doesn’t give complete coverage. However, it doesn’t make the booty stand out, either. These bottoms are a great choice if you do want to show some skin. Still, it will narrow down the booty and make it look less wide. Unlike Brazilian cut, this plain cut doesn’t do much for the shape of the booty. It doesn’t enhance it, or make it more prominent. As a matter of fact, it flattens it, and keeps it pretty basic.

Since less drama is what you want for the booty area anyway, you won’t go wrong with this bikini set. Once again, I’m sure you’ll absolutely adore what the top does for the look.


These swimsuits provide the coverage, without making the look too dull. After all, it is summer time, and you want your swimwear to be fun. The best way to make your butt smaller is to transfer the fun swimwear pieces to your upper body. This way, you’ll avoid enhancing your booty even more.

Depending on the amount of coverage you want, choose the appropriate bikini set. Without a doubt, any of these five sets will keep your booty out of the picture.




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