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Once the bikini season arrives, it is normal for every girl to want to accentuate the curves. The bikini season is the perfect time to proudly present your summer body. Curves are something that can be worked on. However, genetics take the lead when it comes to them. Luckily, we can always present what we’ve got in the best light possible. Yes, it does take some time to figure out what works and what we should avoid. However, there are some ground rules when it comes to swimsuit selection which can guide your shopping.

If you want to make your booty look bigger, you have to be ready to show a little bit of skin. Covering your booty with boxer bottoms, for example, will only make it flatter. It’ll be hard to accentuate the shape when the material is hiding the entire area. Instead of boxers, go for a bolder cut, such as the praised Brazilian cut bottoms. Not only do they show enough skin, but they usually have details in texture which contribute to the effect. The last option is always a thong, which is the alternative for the bravest out there. If you have cellulite, perhaps you’d wanna skip that much of booty revealing.

Texture of the bikini bottoms can make your butt look bigger significantly. Ruffles, detailing along the middle of the bottom part, and similar textures can bring forward the desired area. In combination with certain accessories and a bold color choice it could intensify the entire look.

What to focus on when searching for the best swimsuits to make your butt look bigger?

Don’t hesitate to show some skin. Yes, I know it can be intimidating even when you feel you’re in the best shape of your life. However, this daring strategy will pay off for sure. Covering the entire area will only draw the attention away, and that is not what you want. Also, the more skin you show, the bigger the area is going to appear. With the right bikini bottoms, you can create an optical illusion of a larger, rounder booty.

Avoid certain styles. There are bikini bottom shapes which definitely make the booty appear flatter. For example, boxer shorts which cover the entire booty are a no. Also, swim dresses which hide the entire lower body area will not look flattering if you want the to make the butt look bigger.

Make sure to choose the patterns which create the illusion of fullness and wideness. Instead of plain dark designs, go bolder. Choose an eye-catching print, brighter colors, and even neon designs. Anything that attracts the attention is a good option. Don’t forget the common rules of clothing fit. White makes the area appear wider, whereas black does the opposite. Horizontal stripes also belong to the category of designs which add to the wideness. Try incorporating more of these tricks when choosing your bikini. The more elements of optical illusion you have on your side – the better.

Happy Sailed Women Quiet Sports Padded Bikini Swimsuit

Remember what we said about boxer shorts? They usually do the opposite of the look you’re going for. To make your butt look bigger, you usually have to go for more revealing outfits. However, this particular Happy Sailed Sports Bikini Swimsuit bends the rules. Boxer shorts are totally fine – if you add the padding! That’s right, you’ve read it correctly: there are bikini bottoms which have the padding.

Just like you can add the padding to your bikini top and make your boobs appear bigger, you can do the same with the bottoms. The only difference is that, with cleavage, there’s a possibility of the padding being visible. With the boxer bottoms, the padding remains in place, and no one will be able to notice it.

Perhaps you find this idea a little bit over-the-top, or too extravagant for your taste. However, don’t knock it until you try it! This bikini will give you an instant Brazilian butt the moment you put it on. And you don’t have to worry about anything showing, since the boxers are tight enough.

The extravaganza doesn’t stop here. Happy Sailed Padded Swimsuits are available in many eye-catching, unique, colorful designs. As if the padding isn’t going to be enough!

Focussexy Women’s Hot Summer Beachwear Bikini Bottom Thong Swimwear

Wearing a thong to the beach may be unimaginable to some of you. While this is a rather bold move, you should be aware of its effect. Hardly any other bikini bottoms can make your butt look bigger than it looks in a thong. When you think of thong, you probably picture those super-revealing ones in your head. However, a thong can still be classy and stylish, regardless of how revealing it is. The right example of this kind of thong bikini bottom is Focussexy Bikini Bottom Thong.

These gorgeous bikini bottoms can make any kind of booty stand out. Their unique cut creates a rounder, more lifted shape. Therefore, an illusion of a bigger booty is created. The rouched detail along the middle of the thong contributes to the optical illusion. It brings the focus to the fullness of the booty, getting rid of any flatness.

The thong bikini bottom is available in black color. This could be a safe choice for those of you who aren’t totally comfortable with it. Although black does have a slimming effect, in this particular combination it loses that property.

Other colors are pretty outgoing and flirtatious. If you choose a thong in a bold color, prepare yourself for some staring.

Cupshe Fashion Women’s Pineapple Printing Halter Padding Bikini Set

When you’re trying to achieve some kind of visual representation, it is important to have the ability to control the situation. This way you can adapt a clothing item to your body shape, according to your needs and desires. With some bikini bottoms, there just isn’t much you can do. Unfortunately, you cannot really manage the way they fit. This kind of bikini bottoms is something you should avoid. To make the butt look bigger, you have to be able to place the bottoms the way you prefer.

To get the appearance of a larger booty, you can choose a bikini such as Cupshe Pineapple Bikini Set. This amazing bikini set has a summery pineapple print which is rather eye-catching. It is different, fun, and it screams sexy. Unique prints such as this one can really accentuate the booty. Remember, you should stay away from plain designs by all means!

The bikini bottoms have ties at the sides which enable you to position them as high as you want. They already have the high leg cut design, which you can emphasize even more. The side ties give you the ability to manage the way the bottoms fit. The higher you position them, the bigger the booty is going to appear. A great ‘side effect’ of this high cut are longer legs.

Cocoship Retro 50s Black Pink Blue Floral Halter High Waist Bikini Carnival Swimsuit(FBA)

Any high waist design will accentuate the lower body area. High waisted bikini bottoms cover the middle part of the body, creating the illusion of longer legs. Since the focus shifts to the lower area, the booty can catch some spotlight, too. The great thing about high waisted bikini bottoms is that they can cover enough of the booty, if you need them to. Perhaps you’re struggling with cellulite on your booty and you don’t want it to show. Bikinis such as Cocoship Retro Carnival Swimsuit create a great balance between coverage and booty shaping.

The rounded ends at the bottom of the swimsuit create a more rounded booty. This particular detail makes your background appear thicker and fitter. The unique floral designs in combination with bold colors make it hard to look away. This particular swimsuit has a variety of color and pattern designs you can choose from. Each of the swimsuits is a statement-making piece, since it combines so many eye-catching elements.

When you want to attract people’s attention, it is always good to choose unique styles. This retro bikini style in combination with floral prints and daring colors will make some jaws drop.

Zeraca Women’s Tie Side Bottom Triangle Bikini Swimsuits

Details which can make a bigger difference than colors and prints are textures. Textures create a stronger illusion, because they resemble the actual skin. Therefore, if you have a flat surface with no curves or details, the result will be just that – flat. However, if you incorporate certain textures, such as fringes, scrunch in the middle, or other detailing, it can create the appearance of fullness. These textures don’t only contribute to the appearance of wideness. They also bring the focus to that area and bring it forward. It’s quite logical, isn’t it? You can’t expect a flat, lifeless design to trigger anyone’s attention.

The Zeraca Tie Side Bottom Triangle Bikini Swimsuits make your booty the focal point. The rouched bottom amplifies the size of the booty and creates an optical illusion. Moreover, the tie sides allow you to play with the cut. You can position it as high as you want to further intensify the effect. Also, the front part of the bottoms has a lower cut, which allows the sides to go higher.

The bikinis are available in a variety of colors. Even though there’s no pattern, the shape of the bottoms itself is efficient enough. For a more effective look, go with the brightest colors. Aside from the booty enlarging effect, you’ll appreciate the contrast once you get that tan on.


To make your booty look bigger, it is very important to consider all the mentioned factors. The best result comprises of all these different factors which create the optical illusion. Incorporating each of them in the right way can make your booty really stand out. Stick to the bolder options – the ones you know will cause the most reactions. The saying ‘less is more’ doesn’t apply here. In this case ‘go big, or go home’ has a true meaning.








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