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It can be hard to think of anything that could slim down the figure once you put on something as revealing as a bathing suit. Indeed, beachwear must be one of, if not the single toughest category of clothing. How is it possible to expect such a small piece of fabric to hide anything? Yet, with clothing there are always options. Playing with different colors and patterns can bring to you the slimming effect you want. That being said, we can definitely talk about the category of slimming bathing suits.

First of all, let’s discuss the power of the color choice. The visual effect the colors can produce is no myth. As a matter of fact, this is one of the prominent weapons in your arsenal. The color choice can make or break the success of the effect you’re trying to portray. Since in this case the slimming effect is what you’re shooting for, the color black is your trusty ally. As cliche as it sounds, it genuinely creates the appearance of slimness. In addition to color, other factors which we’ll be discussing later are what creates the illusion of slimming bathing suits.

The combination of different details is what makes a victorious combination. You should aim to combine the right color, cut, and shape. One of the best strategies to come up with a perfect solution for you personally is to try different models. Instead of ruling out certain pieces before even trying them on, you should give them a shot.

What are the best slimming bathing suits?

The following selection of the best slimming bathing suits has what it takes to ‘fake’ the appearance of slimness. Most of us couldn’t resist the unhealthy lifestyle during the winter. Whether you couldn’t avoid the fast food, or you went out a lot instead of hitting the gym, the results are present. Unfortunately, the consequences of our bad decisions come to haunt us during the summertime. This is the time we regret spending the money for gym membership on shoes and clothes. Luckily for those of us who were pretty inactive, a certain portion of swimwear can make the problem less apparent.

These great slimming bathing suits incorporate different slimming factors which create a slimming, sexy, and chic combination. They make the figure appear slimmer, while still keeping the fresh, summery vibe and not covering everything.

To get the slimming effect, you have to choose the right color. The color makes a difference, since the evergreen rule of slimming and widening effect applies here, too. The darker the color – the slimmer your figure is going to appear. Also, make sure that the pattern choice works in your favor, as well.

Bikini sets can have slimming properties, as well as one-pieces, tankinis, or swimdresses. It is up to you to find the style that suits you the best, and creates a slimmer appearance for you personally. Now, let’s proceed to some of the best slimming bathing suits which will make you look beach-ready (even if you don’t feel that way).

Upopby Women’s Tummy Control Monokini One Piece Swimsuit Plus Size Swimwear

When we’re talking about a slimming effect, most of you probably need it the most around the tummy area. Indeed, this body region is one of the most complicated ones when it comes to losing weight. Even if you do regulate the weight, it can be rather difficult to tone it. No wonder many girls feel insecure about wearing a two-piece swimsuit! However, when it comes to slimming bathing suits, a monokini can completely disguise the area.

Upopby Tummy Control Monokini produces the slimming effect mostly around the tummy area. The folds and wrinkes in the texture disguise the lines of your tummy. It makes it easy for you to tuck the tummy away and create the illusion of a fit figure. A monokini without this texture wouldn’t be able to hide the tummy that well, since it’d show through the material.

Yet another slimming factor in this one-piece is obviously the color. Black is always the safest way to go if you want to appear slimmer. However, if you find the color too plain, there are additional three designs in other colors. With this design, you don’t have to stick to the black. The texture itself is slimming enough.

Upopby Women’s Tummy Control Monokini One Piece Swimsuit Plus Size Swimwear

Here’s yet another great monokini which has many slimming properties. First of all, this Upopby monokini completely covers the entire middle area. Secondly, the texture isn’t flat, so the flaws don’t peak through. Rather than flat and simple, the texture is wrinkly and folded in certain places. Therefore, it is able to disguise the tummy by mimicking the skin folds. Even if the tummy shape shows through, no one will be able to tell the difference between it and the texture folds.

The halter neckline gives support to the upper area. Additionally, it leaves the back open. With slimming bathing suits, you’re usually hiding most of your body. This is why it is best to choose monokinis which do leave a certain area open. The upper back is rarely a problem area, and it can look very sexy.

The bottom part is in the shape of boy shorts, creating enough coverage for the booty. Also, they give the booty a fit, sexy shape, without being too revealing. The polka pattern all over the front and the back part has a slimming effect, as well. The design is all that the observers will notice, disregarding the body shape. This is a great manifestation of the optical illusion the pattern can create.

Cocoship Vintage Sailor Pin Up Swimsuit One Piece Skirtini Cover Up Swimdress

Perhaps you’ve never heard of the term ‘skirtini’. Basically, it is a cover up slimming bathing suit which can cover the entire booty region. The previous models mainly focused on the middle area. However, for some girls, the lower body requires more coverage. A skirtini, or a swimdress, is a great way to cover your booty if you have cellulite. Cellulite tends to nest around this area more than anywhere else on the body. If you weren’t able to get rid of it in time for the beach, you can simply hide it with this swimdress. Among all slimming bathing suits, this Cocoship Vintage swimdress is the best choice for covering the booty.

The halter neckline ties behind the neck, leaving a small back area open. The front part is very sensual and feminine. In fact, it resembles those timeless pin up one-piece swimsuits that make you put on a red lipstick. The horizontal stripes on the top make the bust visually larger.

The remaining part of the swimdress is single-colored. This color scheme and the print of the top put the emphasis on the upper area. Consequently, the middle part, as well as the booty, appear slimmer. You can find this swimdress in 8 different designs, among which there’s an all-black version.

Xuan2Xuan3 Womens Halter Neck One Piece Padded Tankini Swimsuit Monokini Swimwear Swimdress

The Xuan2Xuan3 one-piece tankini can instantly make you look slimmer, thanks to its unique design. It is definitely more than your regular one-piece. It has a halter neckline which leaves the shoulder area bare. The fun part starts in the middle, where the material folds and splits into two parts. The split front falls over the middle area. It also reaches the side parts, which is great for covering those stubborn love handles. Basically, the coverage is found in all the right parts, creating an overall slimming effect.

The material is elastic, so it won’t feel too tight on the skin. Besides the gorgeous wine red color, there are 4 more color options of this model.

When choosing your size, keep in mind that these slimming bathing suits run a bit bigger. Therefore, the manufacturer recommends you go with a size smaller than you normally would. Of course, one of the key factors in creating a visually slimmer body is selecting the right size. Picking something too small and tight can only cause the opposite effect. You may think that picking a smaller size will make you look slimmer. On the contrary, it’ll make your flaws stand out even more.

Women’s One Piece Swimsuit, DDSOL Bathing Suits Tankini one-shoulder Maillot Mesh Tummy control Swimwear

The combination of the fabrics for this DDSOL one-piece is ultra-soft, smooth, and extremely comfortable. Perhaps the mesh part may seem like an odd choice for a swimsuit at first. However, it is microfiber fabric which will not feel itchy. The mesh detail across the tummy area adds a subtle sexy touch.

Moreover, the strap goes over one shoulder only, leaving the other shoulder bare. This unique detail contributes to the sexiness of the entire look. The mesh parts show a glimpse of skin, which also adds an attractive touch. The rest of the swimsuit is in plain black color. The black obviously works the best when it comes to slimming effect. Also, polyester with spandex shapes the figure and makes certain problem areas appear thinner.

This bathing suit also provides the appearance of a slimmer booty. Polyester and spandex in combination act similarly to spanx. It allows you to tuck in the booty and get a slimming effect due to the color choice.


Certain materials and styles can definitely make your figure appear slimmer. Regardless of your current body shape, you can look fit with the right slimming bathing suit. As you can see, one-pieces with unique detailing and different textures take the lead when it comes to slimming bathing suits. The textures will hide any imperfections and make them blend in with the shape of the swimsuit.




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