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The true feeling of comfort comes from getting to know yourself. It is of immense importance for every person to find their style. Style doesn’t necessarily involve trend. It is more so a personal view of what suits us the best. To be able to find your unique style you’ll be comfortable in, you must learn to see your body from all angles. You are the one person who can decide what fits you the best. This personal style is something you should stick to, in order to achieve the best results.

It is certainly not required of you to have a supermodel body to rock a swimsuit. The versatility you’ll come across when searching for the best plus size swimwear piece might surprise you. The swimsuit companies no longer consider the size zero to be the only size there is. Breathtaking swimsuit models can be found in plus size, as well.

When shopping for swimwear, you must arm yourself with patience and persistence. It can be hard for girls regardless of the size to find the adequate swimsuit. This is because swimsuits aren’t tailored to fit our individual measures. To achieve this, we must combine, mix and match, and shop until we drop!

Plus size swimwear usually follows the general rules of visual tricks. As long as you stay in the lane of plan design, less print, and dark colors, you won’t encounter any problems. Stick to the models which will conceal your problematic areas instead of bringing them forward.

What to look for in plus size swimwear?

First of all, find the adequate size. Trying to squeeze into a swimsuit which is a size smaller won’t do you any favors. Not only will you compromise the comfort, but it’ll also not look flattering at all. Another thing you should know about not wearing the right size is that it is unhealthy. Clothing which is too tight doesn’t allow our skin to breathe, and our body to function normally. Try to remember this the next time you feel you can’t breathe in something you desperately wanna wear.

Since you already wear plus size stuff, it wouldn’t make any sense to buy even bigger stuff. Even though it may make you feel more at peace, if it doesn’t fit perfectly, don’t settle for it. You owe it to yourself to continue the quest and discover the best plus size swimwear for you personally.

Examine the material. Your swimsuit will probably get wet and you don’t want it to be sticking to your skin. It can be rather uncomfortable, and it can also cause rash and irritations. To achieve absolute comfort, you want the material to feel silky on your skin. Also, you don’t want to be too thin, especially if it’s in a light color, since it can be see-through.

Finally, the golden rule of swimwear selection applies in this case, as well. Make sure that the design compliments your body shape and contributes the effect you’re going for. You can choose bold designs if you want your swimwear to stand out. For slimming effect, opt for darker versions.

Creabygirls Womens Plus Size Print High Waist Two Piece Tassel Swimsuits

Creabygirls Plus Size Swimsuit comes in two pieces: the tassel top, and the high waist bottoms. The tassel top has a halter neck strap which gives you enough support for the boob area. When choosing plus size swimwear, it is important for the top to be able to give you this kind of support. The tassel texture gives a tropical island vibe. However, it doesn’t only have a decorative purpose. Since the tassels are long, they go over the middle section. This effect conceals the tummy and the waist area.

The high waist bottoms meet the tassels of the top, giving you full coverage for the middle area. Since belly tends to be the hardest to hide, this design is great if that’s what you’re struggling with. The high waist bottoms also give the illusion of a slimmer waist line. Finally, the bottoms cover the entire booty. The only open area highlights your back and the shoulders.

This plus size swimwear is available in numerous versions, colors, and patterns. All the sets contain tops with long fringes and high waist bottoms. However, if you prefer absolute coverage, there’s a one-piece available, too. Either way, each of these models is very attractive and playful.

Papaya Wear Women’s Retro High Waist Braided Fringe Top Bikini Plus Size Swimwear

Long fringes paired up with high waist bottoms give the best alternative for one-piece. If you don’t feel comfortable enough in a one-piece, and you prefer a set of two, check out this Papaya Wear Bikini. This is absolutely the best way to pair up the bikini set and still get most of the coverage. Since the fringes are so long, they cover the entire stomach region. They disguise it, without covering it entirely. This way, you’re able to show a little bit of skin, while still hiding the problem area.

Also, the halter top around the neck offers enough security for your cleavage. It also allows you achieve the appearance of smaller shoulders.

As always, high waist bottoms come to rescue. These bikini bottoms go pretty high up, almost meeting the top. This kind of combination is probably the sexiest, girliest way to cover the problem areas. It gives you the comfort you require, but it is also edgy and fun. Plus size swimwear can sometimes be dull and plain. Unfortunately, sometimes when you find a cute bikini, it doesn’t exist in your size. Fortunately, brands such as Papaya Wear hear the requests of women who wear plus size swimwear.

Lalagen Women’s Strappy Hollow Out Floral Swimwear Plus Size High Waist Bikini Sets

As you know, the fabric of the plus size swimwear can make a huge difference. You want it to feel comfortable, allowing you to freely move, swim, and perform any beach activities. If it’s too tight on your skin, not only is it going to bother you, but it can also cause an irritation. Since irritations and the feeling of tightness is something you wanna avoid in swimwear, Lalagen Bikini Sets are a great choice.

Lalagen plus size swimwear is made from stretch swim material which doesn’t create the feeling of tightness. It allows your skin to breathe, and you to enjoy the beach.

The top part contains underwire cups which create the feeling of security. Since the straps are adjustable, you can set them to a preferred length. Also, the straps to come off, so if you don’t want tan lines, you can easily remove them.

The design of the bottoms is very flattering for a plus size body. It is shorter in the middle, and it also has little cut outs along the sides. In the back, the bottoms are longer, covering a bigger area. This kind of design doesn’t make the bottoms cut into your thighs, but it still covers the booty. Also, it gives it a nice shape.

EVALESS Women O-Neck Floral Print One-piece Swimwear Plus Size

If you feel like most of the plus size swimwear disregards the sexy factor, this EVALESS piece will prove you wrong. When you think of one-piece, complete coverage is probably the first thing that pops up in your mind. However, this EVALESS one-piece brings the sexy to one-piece, all the way.

The middle part, including the cleavage, is a see-through black mesh. The two available designs have the mesh going straight in the middle, or slightly to the side, towards the hip. The mesh accentuates the cleavage, and a little bit of the tummy area. It still doesn’t reveal too much, and doesn’t take away from the coverage itself.

The back part allows the booty to stay tight and rounded. It covers the area without making it flat. The back of the one-piece is closed, leaving the focus on the front part.

Also, the see-through part ends just where it should, so you don’t have to worry about anything showing when the swimsuit gets soaked. The mesh adds the sexiness and the factor of surprise to this plus size one-piece. Instead of covering the entire body, it shows your best features, while still giving enough coverage.

These sexy one-pieces are available in many sizes, so there’s a high chance you’ll find the right fit for you.

Lalagen Women’s High Waist Halter Bandeau 2 Piece Plus Size Bikini Swimsuit

Once again, Lalagen strikes with breathtaking plus size swimwear sets. These designs just go to show how incredibly beautiful plus size swimwear can be. I bet that after seeing these models, you won’t settle for everyday boring swimsuits ever again! And why should you? Lalagen offers a variety of designs, shapes, and sizes. I’m sure each and every one of you can find the ideal bikini set for your body shape.

The top resembles a bandeau shape, but it does offer support around the neck. The halter ties around the neck, providing maximal security. When it comes to tops, you can choose from a range of beautiful colors. To make the upper body area really stand out, you can go for some really bold, neon designs. In addition, the top has no underwire, which takes the comfort to another level. The hook closure on the back contributes to the security.

The bottoms offer full coverage and security. They fit perfectly around the waist and on the back. The high waist design also covers the stomach area. Basically, the bottoms disguise both the booty and the tummy, in a subtle way.


These awesome brands offer great options for women who don’t fit in tiny bikinis. You can forget not being able to find the fitting size of a swimsuit you find irresistible. The plus size swimwear in these collections will take your breath away. Not only is it sexy, fun, and feminine – it is also comfortable. And, the most important thing about them is that they follow your body shape and don’t make you feel uncomfortable.








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